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I’m baaaaaaaaaack.

Oh my gosh, it has been over a year and things have been crazier than ever before. My life is upside down right now so I felt maybe I should try to get back into this to try and find a little of my own happiness again.

Well, we will see.
Let me know anything you want to see, etc, etc. :)


About half of my Urban Decay stuff. This isn’t even the stuff I have to give for christmas

Just made an order on Coastal Scents and an order on ELF to re-fill up my kit.
I’m going try out the new ELF Maximum Coverage Concealers.

I heard they’re good.
The swatch I got from my cousins was pretty good.
I plan on using them as foundations.
Try something new. We’ll see how that goes.

I just need fresh packs of disposables, a new bottle of primer, and alcohol to be caught up. I’ll never let it get that empty again. Seriously.